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Knowing Data. Learning Data. Visualizing Data

               Real-Time Detect
         Market Forcast Anomalies
   Find a Best Hospital 
  Low Cost & Re-Admit 
Quantitative Mining

Streaming thousands of internet traffic/sec in 

Hadoop/Spark Platform


     “Threat Detection”

•Built learning models using similarity  metcrics, clustering, classification…

•Find Port Scan, C&C servers, Botnets, unknown network threats.

•Adopted by HP “Cyber Defense Center”

IOT Time Series


Optimize and predict energy consumption

•Build “Smart Office” optimizing usage on temperature, lighting…

•Employ “peak preserving” to balance SaaS customers workflow (Adidas, Airbus…)

Advanced NLP machine learning models Reading live email and reviews

•Combine individual tweets to topic.

•Detect real-time critical issues.

• Knowing customer intentions.  (DreamWork)


Visual Analytics


Machine Learning +  visualization +

human knowledge.


•Real dashboards

•Drilldown to detailed levels

•Fraud detection

     Oil/Gas production

     SaaS Customers

     Credit card flaud 



Live Text Streaming
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